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                                   "Blacken the Angel"  1998  Nuclear Blast

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Agathodaimon : Blacken the Angel

If you want Goth metal, Agathodaimon can deliver. They aren't fast, they aren't loud, but
what you will find with this band is some nice atmospheric metal that is pretty good in places.
They form a sense of atmosphere well on this album, which can be a challenge for any band
to do well. The vocals have a kind of rasp/thrash sound to them (sound like COF in places), and they integrate well with nicely written and put together guitar riffs that show some thrash roots in the mix as well as some black roots. The two make pretty good music when put together, and they even throw some keyboards into the music as well for that added little push. This album seems to vary a lot, with one second being a thrash album, then the next second it will be a symphonic and atmospheric part that slows the song down a lot. The songs are a little lenghty, but they seldomly get boring, which is a big plus considering I can't stand songs that are long and repeat the same things over and over. You get atmosphere, black metal, and some thrash in places, what more could you want? This album is heavier and more interesting than "Higher Art Of Rebellion" and should be checked out at least once.

                                             Overall score: 85/100
Reviewed by Brian