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                                 "Higher Art of Rebellion"  1999  Nuclear Blast

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Agathodaimon : Higher Art of Rebellion

The next album in line for the Goth band Agathodaimon. Their debut, "Blacken The Angel" was a pretty solid black metal relase with some nice varity in it. Hoping for the same in this
album, I was kind of taken by surprise.

This album is a little more strait-forward. They have kind of lost the varied approach
and simplified things into a pretty boring album. The varity on their debut album worked
well for them and it puzzles me why they would wander away from that. The song writing doesn't seem put together too well and it suffers from some "let's throw an album together" syndrome that doesn't help any bands reputation. The links to "Blacken The Angel" are still there however, the guitar riffing is basically the same without alot of changes and there still are the symphonic pieces thrown in the mix, but it just doesn't all flow the way it should. It's one of those albums you do a term paper to, becuase you can actually get through the whole thing that way. Get "Blacken The Angel" instead, and avoid this one.

                                              Overall score: 70/100
Reviwed by Brian