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                      "Secrets of the Black Arts" 1998   Metal Blade

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Dark Funeral : Secrets of the Black Arts

Being one of the most popular swedish brutal black metal acts, Dark Funeral sure has their speed  and stamina. Playing each song as fast as they possibly can is pretty damn impressive, especially since they do it throughout the whole album. Themgoroth's rasp is one of my favorites in black metal. Becuase of its low tone and its brutal sound it fits perfectly with the music as a whole. Blackmoon and Ahriman's guitars sound awesome, with a nice high trebly tone, while Equimanthron pounds out some blazing drum beats. And all this is put together VERY well with some nice production.

One of the only problems with brutal black metal bands (like Dark Funeral) is their way to make their songs sound alot alike. This can make some people crazy and not bother others as much but such is brutal black metal.

Overlooking all the song titles and lyrics about summoning dark spirits, etc. this album is one
of the best brutal black albums of all time and should defineately be in any black metal fan's collection. The Dark Age has arrived!

                                                Overall score:  85/100
Reviewed by Brian