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                    The Very Best of Dokken 1999 Elektra

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Dokken : The Very Best of Dokken

Dokken were quite an influential band for many of today's Metal acts. They were leagues ahead of the typical Glam band, with competent musicians who could rock with the best of them. One thing is for sure: Dokken put out some quality material in their day. ..And guess what?  Many of them are right here on this disc!
The tracks on this album contain mostly Dokken's more successful and commercial hits from their catalog, but it wasn't a bad selection, none the less. Starting from the 1983 debut Breaking the Chains all the way up to 1997's Shadowlife, this is an excellent starter for someone just getting into Dokken, or the hardcore fan that wants it all in one piece.
There's no real reason to list the highlights of this album, as nearly every track is one. Notable favorites of mine include "Into the Fire," the speed driven "Tooth and Nail," the fan favorite and emotional "In My Dreams," "Dream Warriors" which was included in the Nightmare on Elm Street 3 soundtrack, and of course, the spooky instrumental "Mr. Scary," where George Lynch really shows what he's made of behind that guitar. Also of note is "Mirror Mirror," which was a part of Don's solo career and not with Dokken.
If you're into 80s metal, such as Ratt or Skid Row, I would highly recommend Dokken. Most of the hits are included here, but sadly many gems are left out of this package as well. Still, at $12 or less, it's a pick it up! Great to throw on at parties, too.

1. Breaking the Chains                                            9. It's Not Love
2. Paris is Burning                                                 10. Dream Warriors
3. Into the Fire                                                      11. Burning Like a Flame
4. Just Got Lucky                                                  12. Heaven Sent
5. Alone Again                                                      13. Mr. Scary
6. Tooth and Nail                                                 14. Walk Away
7. The Hunter                                                       15. Mirror Mirror
8. In My Dreams                                                  16. Too High to Fly

Reviewed by Sam