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Through the years there have been quite a few Metal videos released, rather it be by a Label or independently. Many are tours released by the band to show what it's like in the day of a life of a rock star.

Maybe you're a collector of Metal videos, and maybe you aren't. Surely you have at least seen documentaries on MTV/VH1 about Metal. If you haven't, then well, it's easy this day in age to get a hold of one.

The videos reviewed here might include:
- Documentary of a certain band, scene, or era in Metal.
- Tour(s) of a band, or group of bands, that may include live concerts and back-stage interviews.
- Outakes and/or rare video footage.
- A band's personal home video.

Need Help?

- Click on the 'Video List' for an index of the videos to be reviewed.
- Once there, double-click on the video you wish to see a review on.

Places to find Metal videos...

- Movie rental stores.
- Record shops.
- eBay