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                    Hidden Treaures 1995 Capitol

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                                             Megadeth : Hidden Treasures

had some fairly memorable tunes stashed away onto various movie soundtracks and luckily someone had the idea to present them here for us. To me, the stronger cuts were the movie-inspired ones and not the covers.
"No More Mr. Nice Guy" is a worthy successor of its Alice Cooper original and "Paranoid" is played quite competently and every bit as strong as the Black Sabbath original. "Go to Hell" is errie and atmospheric, while "Diadems" contains great accoustic sections. However, the prime cuts on this album are the Beavis and Butthead influenced, and Rust in Peace-like "99 Ways to Die," and the gloomy "Angry Again." Why these two tracks didn't make a full length is beyond me.
Hidden Treasures has some great overlooked gems that many people probably aren't familiar with. 'Not just another Megadeth album to fill up space between the years. A good idea to produce, as many great songs are here that didn't make a full-length 'Deth album..and they're all here in one deal!

1. No More Mr. Nice Guy                                            5. 99 Ways to Die
2. Breakpoint                                                               6. Paranoid
3. Go to Hell                                                                7. Diadems
4. Angry Again
                                                           8. Problems

Reviewed by Sam