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   "Lunar Poetry" 1996 (Demo)

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                                         Nokturnal Mortum : Lunar Poetry

The demo from the Ukrainian black metal group shows us where all the aspects that made "Goat Horns" a top notch album came from. Being the first recording of the band, it would soon launch them into the black metal scene with a signing to The End Records and a follow up with their best album to date, "Goat Horns".

There isn't a lot of difference between this demo and "Goat Horns," besides the production on
this demo is a little less tweaked. (which is understandable, since it is a demo) But the production is surprisingly good for a demo and you can hear what every instrument is doing clearly, so that makes myself a happy listener. This is one of the only demos I have heard that doesn't sound like it was recorded underwater and I am forever greatful for that. This album also has the original version of "Perun's Celestial Silver" which is much better than the new version that is on "NeChrist", probably because the keyboards and symphonic pieces aren't drowned out by a wall of guitars and treble.

At the beginning of their prime in the black metal genre, this demo should be checked out if you were a fan of "Goat Horns" (who wasn't?) or if you were a fan of any of their albums.

                                                     Overall score: 87/100
Reviewed by Brian