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             "In The Nightside Eclipse" 1994   Century Black

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                                      Emperor : In The Nightside Eclipse

The mighty Emperor. The Scandinavian black metal band that has been around for many moons, and can be traced all the way back to The Black Circle. (if you dont know what that is.. do some reading) But these guys finally released a full length album that is worldwide, instead of just releasing demos,etc. After kicking Mortiis (yes, the same one) out of the band and having Ishann do vocals, it was time to do a full length album. Mortiis still has his presence on the lyric sheet mind you, but doesnt do anything instrumentally or vocally on this album. But enough of the history lesson, onto the review.

Emperor has made an album that is one of the best black metal albums of all time. The album is produced with an all treble sound, that gives you the thought of being in a desolate forest with no one around you for miles at night. (which is what they were probably going for anyways) They have an incredible amount talent. Samoth's guitar riffs are fast and flawless,
Faust's drums sound like they were recorded in a garage with one mic, and Ihsahn's vocals
are loud and raspy which is how they should be. Keyboards can be heard very softly in the background, but mix in a lot  with the rest of the insturments.

They seem to make a ghostly presence on the album that plays with your mind and adds even more atmosphere to the album. One of the best examples of this is in the song "The Burning Shadows Of Silence" where the keyboards sound like singing ghosts traveling through the heavens. The songs are overall pretty simple, but are done in a way that makes them seem more complex, and it works wonderfully. I can't say much more about this masterpeice, it's an album you just have to experience for yourself. Every Black Metal fan should have this in their collection.

                                                Overall score: 100/100 !
Reviewed by Brian