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                              Obsolete    1998  Roadrunner

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                                               Fear Factory : Obsolete

Fear Factory are one of those bands I've known about for ages but never really gave a try. Most of the music you will hear from Fear Factory is revolved around the fantastic drumming of Raymond Herrera. The production is the most commendable thing about this album, and to a certain degree it sounds a bit overproduced.
Obsolete sounds a whole lot like the previous album Demanufacture with a few minor differences. The vocals are a little more melodic in places such as "Decent" and even borderline rap on "Edge Crusher." The drums in "Securiton" are sure to take a house down (or two). "Hi-tech Hate" and "Freedom of Fire" stray out of the melodic direction and cruise right back into destructive territory as found on "Shock." "Resurrection" and "Timelessness" are the final and more mature offerings, containing everything from orchestrated sections to slower, more emotional vocals.
Nothing out of the norm here: If anything, Raymond Herrera's superb drumming is worth a shot. Aside from having little identity from Demanufacture, Obsolete can make a fun casual listen.

1. Shock                                                                      6. Hi-tech Hate
2. Edgecrusher                                                           7. Freedom or Fire
3. Smasher/Devourer                                                 8. Obsolete
4. Securitron (Police State 2000)                              9. Resurrection
5. Descent
                                                              10. Timelessness
Reviewed by Sam