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                    Peace Sells..But Who's Buying? 1986 Combat

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                            Megadeth : Peace Sells..But Who's Buying?

Megadeth were beginning to receive quite a following around the time of this album, which put them up there in the success charts with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax. This follow-up release is much more controlled than the raw debut, and it shows promising sense of a progressing band.
Megadeth are luckily aided by a better production manager this time around and not to mention set of  musicians. Guitarist Chris Poland is added to the line-up, and he is one of the dominant forces in making this a successful album.
"Wake Up Dead" is a killer opener, with some slashing fret work from both Mustaine and Poland. "The Conjuring" is very strong; check the grinding, powerful riff at around the 2:55 mark. The title track got 'Deth a little MTV exposure, but who kicks ass! "Devil's Island" is an often over-looked track with its thumping bass and excellent rhythm guitar action. Don't miss Poland's axe work at the 3:51 mark. The album's top highlight is without a doubt "Good Morning..Black Friday." Poland's guitar intro before the vocals kick in is amazing--some of his most mature and interesting riffs to date.
This is a great Thrash album with much better production and musicianship from an ever improving band (until recently). The chemistry between Poland and Mustaine is not quite as powerful as the later Friedman-Mustaine kinship, but this proves to be a fun album that holds up well on repeated listens. Add Peace Sells to your ever-growing collection.

1. Wake Up Dead                                                          5. Good Morning, Black Friday
2. The Conjuring                                                           6. Bad Omen
3. Peace Sells                                                                 7. I Ain't Superstitious
4. Devil's Island
                                                            8. My Last Words

Reviewed by Sam