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                   Piece of Mind   1983  EMI

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    Iron Maiden : Piece of Mind

Maiden's previous album The Number of the Beast was quite an excellent album, as Bruce Dickinson now has to follow up his debut masterpiece with a worthwhile successor. Drummer Nicko McBrain makes his debut here, and the chemistry between he and the rest of the band continues to hold strong today. This album is not mixed as nicely as most Maiden albums, but get the recent remasters if you're not fully satisfied.
Hailing from the U.K., they were already a success in their native land by now. However, in the U.S., many people accused Maiden of being satanists--relating to the song "Number of the Beast." Maiden denied this allegation, fired back with this strong album, and guess what? They began racking up a huge U.S. fan base.
"Where Eagles Dare" begins with a drum intro that really impressed Steve Harris after he got his spot as drummer. The machine-gun effects add to the intensity, as Dave and Adrian let loose their own arsonal of razor-sharp riffs. Nicko adds a nice variety of drum patterns that makes this one of his better performances. "Revelations" is another tremendous song, with a fantastic solo, and Bruce cleaning up the song with a strong sub-chorus. "Flight of Icarus" shows Harris' love for mythology and a mind for great lyrics. Check out Bruce hit the high notes, as he soars away with confidence and brilliance. "Die With Your Boots On" contains the swift, slashing riffs that Maiden are known for, as Bruce only adds to the power. "The Trooper" is one of Maiden's best and most well-known/recognized songs, and boy does it smoke. From the opening riff, you know this is going to be a bruiser. Just listen to Bruce wail away at the chorus. The riffs before and after the solo begins are brilliant, and not to be missed. Also, shouldn't bass work this good be illegal? "Still Life" and "To Tame a Land" are under-rated Maiden gems that add to an already excellent album that has become a classic.
Many consider this Maiden's best work to date, although it's debatable. But what this is, is a fine piece of work  from a band that has held firmly in its Metal roots for nearly twenty-five+ years! The vocals are top-notch, the guitars crunch, the bass thumps, and this album just begs your ears to be heard. Certainly one of Maiden's best, and Metal's best to offer. A must in every fan's collection. Highly recommended.

1. Where Eagles Dare                                                      6. Still Life
2. Revelations                                                                  7. Quest for Fire
3. Flight of Icarus                                                           8. Sun and Steel
4. Die With Your Boots On                                              9. To Tame a Land
5. The Trooper

Reviewed by Sam