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Immortal : Pure Holocaust

This is where things start to heat up and get interesting. After losing their drummer (Armageddon) and replacing him with Erik, they were ready to record their second album entitled "Pure Holocaust", and this is where Immortal starts to shine and carve their niche in black metal.

Blasting you with an arsenal of guitars, drums and vocals, Immortal goes all out on this record. They mix speedy and pretty technical riffing with fast trebely sounding drums. This is the first album where Abbath has gone with a raspier vocal approach and he would stay with this sound to this date. This would be Erik's only recording with the band and would eventually part ways with the Immortal crew, but he wouldn't leave without leaving his
mark first. Erik pounds out the beats on this album, using a blazing double bass drum with a echoed snare drum to lay down a great base for the Occulta brothers to work with. Demonaz shows that he did a little practicing in between records (as well as stretching out
his wrists) and plays a blazing guitar that mixes in with the echoey drums, and even uses Star
War's "Imperial March" as a source of a fast guitar riff in "Pure Holocaust". Incorporating slower and faster beats in their music, Immortal has broken limits and has shown that they are now a force in the black metal world to be reckoned with.

                                                Overall score:  90/100
Reviewed by Brian