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                 So Far,..So Good,...So What! 1988 Capitol

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                            Megadeth : So Far,..So Good,...So What!

Many claim this to be the worst Megadeth recording thus far. The band at this point were abusing drugs and alcohol to the limit and Dave had tried to take his own life away. There's yet again a revolving door line-up which shows Dave may have been undecided in the direction Megadeth were heading.
Jeff Young replaces the amazing guitar virtuoso Chris Poland and Chuck Behler replaces the late Gar Samuelson on drums. The chemistry is still not completely there, as Young and Behler will both be fired after this album with better replacements on the way.
"Into the Lungs of Hell" is a damn fine instrumental that showcases some of Mustaine's best set of riffs to date. "Set the World Afire" has a crushingly heavy dual-guitar intro that is one of the album's top highlights. The Sex Pistols cover "Anarchy in the U.K." is better left unlistened to unless you're a punk fan, perhaps. "Into My Darkest Hour," personal top highlight, is a mature, gloomy song about the late Metallica bassist who lost his life during a bus accident on the road in Europe.The addicting rhythm chops of "Liar" flow in an Exodus-like fashion, upping the fun factor quite a bit. Finally, "Hook in Mouth" closes the album out with an interesting view on censorship.
Don't let the bad press/media releases get to you, this is still a great release. Aside from the poor drumming and production, this is still an under-rated Megadeth gem.

1. Hook in Mouth                                                        5. 502
2. Set the World Afire                                                 6. In My Darkest Hour
3. Anarchy in the U.K.                                               7. Liar
4. Mary Jane                                                              8. Hook in Mouth

Reviewed by Sam