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                  Youthanasia 1994 Capitol

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                                              Megadeth : Youthanasia

Megadeth had an opus in 1990's Rust in Peace. Its successor, a darker, far less thrashy Countdown to Extinction was solid, but what's next? What we have here is an album with many social and political views, which caused controversy in many countries and retail music outlets. The views range from suicide, to insest, to drugs. 
This is some of the best singing I've heard from Mustaine, and for once the music revolves around the vocals more this time and not Marty's complex riffs. Drummer Nick Menza still shines in many places, although this is no comparison to his work on Rust in Peace by any means. Also of note is the beautiful, spectacular cover art.
The opener "Reckoning Day" is a strong and (heavy) impressive cut. "Train of Consequences" was a chart hit for the band, dealing with drugs. "Addicted to Chaos" was also a hit, and it's one of my favorite tracks on the album: there's a nice opening drum solo by Nick that leads into a collage of nicely layered riffs. Dave's singing is incredible throughout. "A Tout Le Monde" is a sad song that is about the suicide of a friend. "Elysian Fields" deals with Heaven, of course, and "Killing Road" is a blistering song dealing with their struggles on the road. "Blood of Heroes" sounds like the Megadeth of old, with a beautiful guitar intro and great backing vocals. "Family Tree" is a sad song dealing with incest. "Youthanasia" is yet another heavy hitting song, which Dave depicts as "hanging children out to dry" (as protrayed on the cover of this album). Of other note is the final song, a clever speed-driven tune with lyrics composed of previous Megadeth song and/or album titles. A great way to close out an already great album.
Many people  probably despise this for not being the Thrash assault of earlier 'Deth albums.

This is by no means a sell-out album: Dave is trying to get a point through and he succeeds. The songwriting and vocals of this album are what Rust in Peace were with the fantastic musicianship--although this is slower, it's somewhat as powerful. The negative side of this album is Dave and Marty's guitar expertise isn't show very well here, as seen on earlier albums.
Scoop it up and give it a try.

1. Reckoning Day                                                           7. Blood of Heroes
2. Train of Consequences                                              8. Family of Trees
3. Addicted to Chaos                                                     9. Youthanasia
4. A Toute Le Monde                                                  10. I Thought I Knew It All
5. Elysian Fields                                                         11. Black Curtain
6. The Killing Road
                                                   12. Victory
Reviewed by Sam