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June 28, 2002

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Welcome to Metal Millennium

Here at Metal Millennium we are proud to serve
the fans of old and new with the latest breaking
news, album reviews, and provide you, the fans,
with samples of some of the finest bands in the
metal scenes, from Sabbath to current day era.

What you can find here:

- Album Reviews of bands older, more recent, and in some cases, entire catalog of releases.
- Video Reviews of VHS tapes and DVD discs.
This may include a documentary, live concert, or
a series of outakes, interviews, or music videos.
- News section that will keep you updated on
metal happenings all across the globe.
- Genres of Metal pages that give a brief to descriptive explanation on what the genre is all about--including vocal styles and where the genre is more common in the world.
- Mp3s of bands as an example of their work.
Note: These are not full songs.  If you like what you hear, then please buy the fell-length release.


Metal Briefs

Soilwork on MTV?
- Megadeth alumni forming new band
- Jeff Waters to tour with Savatage
- Overkill Best of compilation soon to hit stores
- Milwaukee Metalfest festival is July 26 and 27
- Former Whiplash bassist dies!

Blind Guardian
A Night at the Opera
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In Stores Now!



Album Release

1 Trail of Tears A New Dimension of Might
Vintersorg Spiral Generator
Nightwish Century Child
Sonata Arctica Songs of Silence - Live
2 Impaled Mondo Medicale
Jerry Cantrell Degredation Trip
9 Sentenced Cold White Light
16 Iron Maiden Rock in Rio DVD
22 Dark Tranquillity Damage Done
30 Def Leppard X
Steel Prophet Unseen
Megiddo The Avatism of Evil
Agalloch The Mantle

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In Stores Now!


Any comments or questions?
Feel free to e-mail the webmaster

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